-wide fast




Fast ends at Worship

& Prayer Night on

30 January

Dear church,

This is a personal invite for each and every one of you to join our church-wide fast which starts next week Monday. Our heart is that you would draw close to God and become well acquainted with His ways. Certainly, this is the highest joy and honour of the Christian life! 

We have included below all the details that will help you participate in the fast. There is a reading plan (Matthew 5,6 & 7 - one chapter a day) as well as a prayer plan during the fast for you to follow.

We are so excited for the testimonies that will arise, the breakthrough's we will experience but most importantly of all, the delight of being in the presence of our God.

Much love,
James & Vanessa on behalf of the leadership of Solid Ground.


Start: 6am, Monday 28 Jan
End: Worship & Prayer Gathering, Wednesday 30 Jan 6:30pm
(Bring a plate of eats to share!)

Reading plan: Matthew 5, 6 & 7. One chapter a day.
Prayer plan: Click here.



Fasting in the bible refers to abstaining from food for a spiritual purpose.

First and foremost, fasting is about drawing close to God. We fast in order to hear His voice and know His will. (Zechariah 7:5 & Matthew 6:16-18)


We as a leadership feel that it is fitting to put God first by seeking after Him in a special manner at the beginning of the year.

Firstly, it’s about drawing close to God. Secondly, we are asking God as a church for the following to be given to us in greater measure (you can pray with us into the following):

  • For a greater hunger for God and His ways

  • For extraordinary spiritual growth & unity in our church

  • For there to be a great revival unto the Lord Jesus in Middelburg (That His Kingdom would come in extraordinary measure!)



Option 1 (All Meals) 
All food except for water for the duration of 3 days. 

Option 2 (Some Meals/Altered Diet) 
Fasting for a significant portion of your day, incorporating one meal into the schedule (e.g. fasting all day, 6am - 6pm).

Or, due to medical and other considerations, altering your diet for the duration of the fast (i.e fasting solid food or eating a vegetable diet only, what is commonly known as the Daniel Fast).

Option 3 (One Meal) 
Fasting one meal out of the day, with an intentional time of focused prayer during the time period normally spent eating.




Fasting without prayer is just starvation so it is important that the activity of abstaining from food is replaced by devotion to God during the time usually spent eating.

We encourage you to begin each devotion by praying slowly & thoughtfully through the example of prayer that Jesus gave to us in Matthew 6:9–13. We have also created a fasting prayer plan for each day.




Monday: Spend time enjoying God’s presence. 

Bring the things in your life that are causing anxiety and restlessness before God and leave them at His feet by asking Him to carry the burden and work it out on your behalf. It doesn’t mean you ignore them, but now you are allowing Him to do the heavy lifting! Ask God to give you a greater hunger for Him.

Tuesday: Ask God to search your heart.

Ask God to show you if there is anything in your life that is not pleasing to Him.
Ask God to help you receive His total forgiveness and to give you over to a true repentance for those things in your life that He is asking you to change.

Wednesday: Ask God to reveal His will.

Ask God to reveal His will and lead you in His ways this coming year.


For the church

Monday: Pray for strength and wisdom to be given to the leadership of Solid Ground and a great spiritual hunger to be stirred up in the church.

Tuesday: Ask God for extraordinary growth and unity in Solid Ground.

Wednesday: Ask God for for revival in Middelburg.

Lastly, it is important that we spend time listening in silence before God. If you feel you start getting distracted, start to read through the scripture reading from the fast reading plan again.

Keep a journal and write down what you feel God is saying to you individually and to us as a church body.

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