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DC's will resume in 2021


Discipleship Communities (DC's) are transformational small group gatherings. They have a start date and an end date as well as a clear goal which is to create a space where we as followers of Jesus can be transformed by the Holy Spirit according to God's word within the context of community.

Each DC will cover a particular aspect of what it means to know God in and through His Son Jesus, become like Jesus and do the works that Jesus did. We also regularly run DC's that allow people who are new to or unfamiliar with the Christian faith (see Alpha).

DC's will run twice a year and we encourage everyone in Solid Ground to commit to the journey in one of our DC's. DC's will routinely run from February - May and then a new set of DC's will launch in August and run to October each year.


Get excited and get stuck in.


How do I sign-up?

Sign-up online, at the info desk on Sundays, or call our church office.

Is this free of charge?

Yes! There is no cost to DC's. The only thing to know is that DC's will happen around a table and a shared meal, your leader will coordinate with the group how the meal sharing will work.

I'm late to the party and missed the DC sign-up!

DC's launch twice a year and if you missed the sign-up you will just have to wait until the next one comes around. But don't lose heart, get plugged into a serving team and push into church community!

Where will DC's take place?

Most will happen in homes across town organised by the community leader. Some will be centralised at the church premises. Either way, you will be notified before you meet up.

Where do I find the dates?

The exact dates for each DC's journey will be given out at your first meet-up.

Is it an issue if I sign up but can't attend absolutely every session?

No, not at all. We all understand that it's almost impossible to plan everything in life! We highly recommend you make every effort to walk the entire journey.

I like more than one option, can I do more than one at a time?

Firstly, we will run the same DC's over more than one season so relax, you won't miss out! Secondly, we don't recommend that you do more than one DC at a time due to the intensive nature of each DC. The point is not just to grow in understanding, but to develop relationships and be transformed, this takes time. We believe over-committing oneself to too much proves counter-productive in the long run.