Church-Wide Fast

27-29 Jan 2020


Prayer & Fasting for God's Kingdom come.


Start: 6 am, Monday 27 Jan.

End: Worship & Prayer Gathering, Wednesday 29 Jan 6:30 pm (Bring a plate of eats to share).

Scripture reading & prayer guide: Click here.



Why are we fasting?

At the beginning of 2020, our entire church will be fasting for breakthrough. The idea of breakthrough is biblical and it can be used to describe the moment God’s rule & reign is released into a situation (His Kingdom comes). When breakthrough happens we see God’s power bring salvation, freedom, peace, wisdom, restoration, healing, and wholeness. The strongholds of evil are torn down and new opportunity for the Gospel is unlocked. 



What is fasting?

Fasting in the bible refers to abstaining from food for a spiritual purpose.

True fasting is not a dry, legalistic exercise - but rather an intense form of prayer that it is life-giving.




STEP 1: Ask God to highlight an area that needs breakthrough for each of the following:


[1] Your personal life*, 

[2] someone else’s life* and 

[3] your wider world*.


In addition to praying for a breakthrough in these areas, we will all be committing to praying for Solid Ground Church as well as for Freedom City Church - a new church plant in Lisbon Portugal lead by our friends, Geoff & Jane Kirsten.



Your personal life:

Breakthrough in your devotion (Psalms 51 & 84. Repent of your coldness and ask Him to re-ignite your passion for Him. God will meet you at your point of honesty!)

Breakthrough in a personal relationship (e.g. your marriage, a friendship, a relationship at work)

Breakthrough in a trial/time of suffering (Psalm 142)

Breakthrough in your emotional state (Psalm 42)

Breakthrough in freedom from bondage to a sinful habit/desire (Psalms 51 & 141)

Breakthrough in wisdom for a decision


Someone else’s life:

Someone's salvation/return to God

Breakthrough for your children

Breakthrough in someone's suffering/trial

Breakthrough in someone's needs (job, opportunity, calling)

Breakthrough in someone else’s witness/ministry


Your wider world:

Pray for revival, peace, healing, restoration and righteousness in…

Your suburb/community/school


South Africa

STEP 2: Choose how you will be fasting:


Option 1 (All Meals)

This will be a commitment toward fasting from all food except for water for the duration of 3 days. 


Option 2 (Some Meals/Altered Diet)

This will be a commitment toward fasting for a significant portion of your day, incorporating one meal into the schedule (e.g. fasting all day, 6 am - 6 pm).


Or, due to medical and other considerations, it may be necessary to participate by altering your diet for the duration of the fast (i.e fasting solid food or eating a vegetable diet only, what is commonly known as the Daniel Fast).


Option 3 (One Meal)

This will be a commitment toward fasting for one meal out of the day, with an intentional time of focused prayer during the time period normally spent eating.



STEP 3: Plan & prepare your calendar to set aside 15-30min, 3 times a day for scripture reading & prayer.



Scripture reading:


Mon 27 Jan 

Luke 18:1-8 The parable of the persistent widow

Psalm 27 A Psalm about seeking the Lord


Tue 28 Jan

Luke 22:31-34 Jesus prays for Peter

Acts 12:1-17 The Church prays for Peter

Ephesians 6:18-20 Pauls charge to the Ephesian Church to pray for the saints and to pray for his ministry


Wed 29 Jan

Acts 19:1-20 Revival in Ephesus

Psalm 85 A prayer for revival & restoration


Prayer Guide: 

(For all your times of prayer during the fast)


[1] Worship God for who He is.

[2] Pray over the areas you are seeking breakthrough & for Solid Ground/Freedom City Church.

[3] Listen & write-down what you feel God is saying.

[4] Thank God for your time together and for His answers to prayer.